Your brand deserves to be seen.

What truly excites me about this work is the privilege of being a part of your success stories. ​Understanding that behind every brand is a dream, a set of goals, and a desire to make a mark, ​Crescent Moon Marketing considers it an honor to be trusted with such an important aspect of ​your journeys.

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logo design

Starts at $500

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Website Design

Starts at $1,000


Starts at $50​0

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We’re ready to bring ​your vision to life.

I believe loving your brand is a key component to a ​successful business, as it instills confidence in you and ​your clients. Drive your business to success with ​customized and memorable results that reflect your ​unique identity.

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About Me

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am from central Maine. My journey in ​content creation and branding has always been fueled by a deep-seated ​passion for creativity. There's an undeniable joy that comes from not just ​meeting, but exceeding my clients' expectations, and transforming their ​visions into reality. Each project is a unique adventure, an opportunity to ​craft a narrative that not only resonates with the target audience but also ​elevates the brand to new heights.

Crescent Moon Marketing’s approach is not just about creating content; ​it's about building relationships, instilling confidence, and empowering ​each client to focus on what they do best- running their business! By ​providing tailored, innovative solutions, I can help illuminate the path to ​success, ensuring that each brand we work with shines brightly in its own ​right.

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Video Content

Click here to view short and long-form video content I have ​created for clients.

Website Design

Click on the logos to see websites built by me.

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Print Product & ​Merchandise Design

Tailored designs for print products (brochures, business ​cards, gift cards, etc) or merchandise (tote bags, mugs, ​hats, etc) catered specifically to your brand. Prices vary ​depending on the amount of products chosen.

Starts at $500

Logo Design

This package provides a professional, distinctive, and ​memorable logo, tailored to your vision, and ready to use ​across multiple platforms.

  • Consultation to understand your brand's specific ​needs.
  • Four initial concepts for directional selection.
  • Three revision cycles.
  • Files are delivered in JPEG, PNG, and SVG.
  • Incorporation of the brand's color scheme.

Starts at $500

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Social Media Management

Two - three posts per week tailored specifically to your ​brand and desired aesthetic. This could be a great solution ​for those who have just started their business and may be ​feeling overwhelmed. This could also be a temporary help ​to those who are hosting an event/having a sale and could ​use extra hands while promoting.

Starts at $250/week

Event Branding

Throwing an event? I’m here to help! From ​personalized invites and event pages, to flyers and ​tickets, I’ve got your event covered. This package ​includes a consultation, design and mockups for ​event-specific merchandise, and any necessary ​print products.

Starts at $750

Website Design

  • Custom Web Graphics
  • Engaging headers, icons, illustrations, and theming for ​a seamless and immersive online experience.
  • Eye-catching and shareable content for various social ​media platforms.
  • Consistent branding across Facebook, Instagram, ​Twitter, and more.
  • Logo adaptation and branded imagery for a unified ​online presence.

Starts at $1,000

Visual Brand

Identity Package

This comprehensive process ensures a visually ​compelling and strategically aligned brand identity ​tailored to your unique vision. These are a great way to ​hit the ground running without getting caught up in ​tedious decisions. Although these are templates, the ​results will always be unique to you and your business.

  • In-depth exploration of industry trends and ​competitors to inform design.
  • “Mood boards" that capture the desired aesthetic ​and brand vibe.
  • Development of three memorable logo concepts ​for your consideration.
  • Specific refinement based on your feedback to ​ensure best results.
  • Selection and application of a cohesive color ​scheme and fonts for brand consistency.
  • Incorporation of visuals that align with the brand ​narrative and evoke desired emotions.
  • Showcase of the brand identity in various contexts ​(social media, website, product mockups, videos, ​etc).

Starts at $1,500

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